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Franktown House Flowers is building a one-of-a-kind gathering space, nestled in the heart of our flower farm, a short distance upriver from the Wakefield covered bridge along Tenagadino Zibi (Gatineau River).

The new workshop-studio will be a space for hosting flower-related workshops and other activities. 

a space for creativity · sharing · connection · slowing down · tranquility · play

If you value spending time in nature and appreciate learning from inspired creatives, coaches, and healers, we invite you to contribute to this vision. Our goal is to provide a space to calm nervous systems, connect with breath, play in community, and heal from the effects of stress, burnout, and conflict.

Our fundraising goal is $60,000We are asking for 1/3 from our community. The remaining 2/3 is covered by our $20,000 investment which has been matched by Tourism Outaouais.

With 200 community members each contributing $100, we can reach our goal! Recognizing this can be a lot for some to offer, we have included an option to donate $50 (how about five friends or family members each pitch in $10!). If you have the capacity to donate a greater amount, please adjust the “quantity” at checkout (for example: 2 x $100 to donate $200; 3 x $50 to donate $150).

We aim to "raise the barn" next spring. Donors will be invited to celebrate its completion and be the first to know about upcoming events at the farm! You will also be eligible to receive a 25% discount on your first 2024 Franktown House Flowers workshop or tiny house booking.

If you are a creative, practitioner or healer who would like to reserve the space to host a workshop on our farm, we invite you to CLICK HERE to rent the space (taxes applicable) in advance. $300 to access the space for a one-day event, $500 to reserve the space for three days (in sequence or separately) until the end of 2026.

 Background and Vision

While the flower beds have been resting, after 10 years of churning out beauty for all of us to enjoy, we've been working in the background on Phase II of Franktown House Flowers.

We are creating more opportunities for people to visit the farm, play with flowers and tune into nature and themselves. 

This includes sprucing up our perennial garden and erecting a shelter for hosting workshops, to protect from sun and rain.

Craft builders and a local sawmill are lined up to complete the work. Local landscapers - a team of fabulous women - are helping bring to life a perennial garden that will lead the path to workshops and events, alongside our cut flower production beds.

You will be helping to create a space that will be a refuge for people: a space to slow down, get grounded, and for each of us to connect with our own true nature, in a beautiful, quiet setting.


You’ve heard of “forest bathing”. Now think “flower showering”: bathing your senses in the healing power of flowers.

Flowers make people happy and calm. Research shows flowers have a positive impact on emotional health: flowers have immediate and long-term effects on emotional reactions, mood, social behaviors and even memory.

(See: An Environmental Approach to Positive Emotion: Flowers. Jeannette Haviland-Jones et al, Department of Psychology, Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey).