What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between a local farm and a group of buyers. As a CSA “member” you pay in advance for a share of the season’s harvest that we deliver to a drop-off point in your neighborhood or community. Our CSA members provide the farm with financial and moral support by committing for a whole season and help us to offset heavy costs in the spring (seeds, bulbs, supplies, equipment, etc.).

In return, we commit to providing you with high quality, local, sustainably grown flowers. From delphiniums in spring to sunflowers in autumn, our bouquets reflect seasonal rhythms and brighten your home or office.

Bouquet Content

Each bouquet has a selection of seasonal flowers valued at approximately $25. Throughout the season the ingredients in your bouquet will vary. Here is a sample of what flowers may be included in a bouquet (typically 5-10 varieties per bouquet):

Late June July August September
Agrostemma Asiatic Lily Astilbe Celosia
Coreopsis Bachelors Button Calendula Cosmos
Delphinium Bergamot Dianthus Dahlia
Foxglove Cosmos Echinacea Gaura
Lamb’s Ear Cynoglossum Foxglove Scabiosa
Peony Dahlia Nigella Snapdragon
Snapdragon Lamb’s Ear Oregano Sunflower
Veronica Sweet Pea Sunflower Yarrow
Yarrow Zinnia Zinnia Zinnia


* Prices include taxes.

  • Weekly (16 deliveries): $ 400 (mid-June to mid-September)
  • Bi-weekly (8 deliveries): $ 210 (mid-June to mid-September)
  • Spring (3 weekly deliveries): $ 85 (mid-May to mid-June)

Drop-off Locations

Members choose one delivery point from where they will collect their bouquets throughout the season.

  • Ottawa: New Edinburgh
  • Gatineau: Val Tétreau (secteur Hull)
  • Wakefield: at our flower farm 10 minutes from the village, on McLinton Road

Payment details

  • A $100 deposit is required upon registration. Balance is due in full by June 1.
  • If paying by cheque, please include a post-dated cheque for the balance of your payment along with your deposit. You can also pay in full at registration.
  • Email transfers can be sent to csa@franktownhouse.ca. Please provide security answer in a separate email.

Organic veggie CSA

To pick up delicious and beautiful organic veggies at the same time as your bouquets, sign up for Ferme Lève-tôt’s CSA veggie basket.